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The ChubbChubbs Save Xmas

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In the Sony Pictures Animation short, The ChubbChubbs™ Save Xmas, the cuddly little aliens with the bottomless stomachs from the Academy Award-winning animated short The ChubbChubbs! are searching for somewhere to call home. Led by the kind but awkward Meeper, the nicest guy from the planet Glorf, the fanged fuzzballs inadvertently scare the naughtiness out of a budding delinquent as they pinch hit for Santa, and in the process learn that home is more than just a place to live.

The ChubbChubbs™ give new meaning to the idea of being eaten out of house and home in the new Sony Pictures Animation short, The ChubbChubbs Save Xmas. The adorable, cuddly little aliens have bottomless stomachs which they have attempted to fill by munching through buildings, furniture, trees and anything else they could find on planets all across the galaxy.

Since this tendency got them kicked off the planet Glorf, the earnest but awkward Meeper continues to chauffer the fanged fuzzballs through the solar system in search of somewhere they'll be allowed to call home. Attracted by a TV ad, the intergalactic wanderers aim for the North Pole and Santa Claus - a target they hit all too literally, leaving Kris Kringle in a body cast and unable to deliver toys on Christmas Eve.

Meeper and his ChubbChubbs do their best to fill the void, taking off with Santa's sack of toys and guided by the Naughty and Nice list. Since he's the most trusting Glorf of his entire species, Meeper doesn't notice that Brad, an especially naughty boy, has hacked into Santa's computer to give himself "Nice" status.

As the young hacker hurries to gloat over his bounty of toys delivered by "Santa Meeper," the ChubbChubbs munch their way through Brad's Christmas tree, room, blinking strings of lights, and everything else they can sink their razor-sharp teeth into, including his entire house. This terrifying sight scares the budding delinquent straight, much to Santa's delight.

Meanwhile, the spirit of Christmas has worked its magic on Meeper, who realizes that as long as you're with your friends, you're home. He and The ChubbChubbs soar off to find another planet, singing "Joy to the World" - although typically of Meeper, their rendition is not what most carolers sing.

Cody Cameron

Kirk Bodyfelt

Story by:
Dave Feiss, Jurgen Gross & Cody Cameron

Based on Sony Pictures Imageworks'
"The ChubbChubbs"

Art Director:
Andy Gaskill

Art Noda

Ramin Djawadi

Mary Hidalgo

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