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Sony Pictures Animation is the creative force behind all our animated and CG/live action hybrid projects. Sony Animation is the front end of production developing scripts, creating storyboards, exploring character & production designs and determining the overall look of the film.

Once the project is ready to go into production, in most cases we partner with Sony Pictures Imageworks to help us take the film into the animation production from layout to lighting. Our filmmakers work very closely with Imageworks to support Sony Animation’s creative vision. Once animated, Sony Animation oversees the editing, post production and final delivery of our projects.

Career FAQs

How do I submit my portfolio?
Portfolios are submitted online. Open positions are posted on our website and there is a section in the application to include a link to your portfolio.

Will you contact me after reviewing my portfolio?
Due to the high volume of portfolios we receive, we are unable to provide feedback on individual portfolios. However, you will receive an acknowledgment that we have received your portfolio.

I have password-protected areas on my site, how do I send you the password?
Please put your password on your resume and cover letter in a location that is easy to find.

How often should I apply and can I apply for more than one position?
If there is an open position that matches your skillset and experience, you should apply. You may apply for more than one position.
Do you have internships?
We do have Summer internships! Please check our job postings annually beginning February 1st.

Do you offer Art Apprenticeships?
We do hire artist apprentices. Our apprentices are hired on a project-by-project basis, they work on production materials and are members of the Animation Guild. Apprentices work with a senior mentor artist and regularly receive guidance and feedback. The apprentice hiring season is year-round.

What’s the difference between an intern and an apprentice?
Interns are hired as summer employees for 8-10 weeks, typically in the areas of production management, development, and marketing/publicity. Apprentices are artists, members of the union and work on production materials.

Do you use social media for recruiting?
Open positions can be found on our website in the Career section. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for position postings.

If I am not authorized to work in the United States, can I still apply to Sony Pictures Animation?
We do work with talent from around the globe, and have successfully worked with artists from their remote locations. However, because the process of obtaining a work visa to enable you to work on our campus can be difficult, not all roles or applicants may be eligible for sponsorship. We encourage you to become familiar with the rules and regulations around visas. If you have questions, you can visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration website:

Can I submit a creative story and/or script idea?
We are unable to accept or consider unsolicited story ideas, pitch materials, treatments, scripts, suggestions or otherwise. Please do not send any kind of story or development ideas with your portfolio, as we will not be able to review any of your work. Please review the Submission Release carefully when you submit your materials.

Do you offer tours?
Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of production and for the protection of our intellectual property, we are unable to offer tours of our campus.