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Prop Designer

Artist will work closely with other visual development artists to visually explore and design all aspects of feature animated film props and other assets. Artist will collaborate with senior designers to help realize ideas from concept to finished presentation through the use of drawings, paintings, digital imagery and 3D models. .

-1-3 years of professional experience.
-Portfolio and demo reel must exhibit mastery of drawing, design, painting, digital media and modeling, as it pertains to feature film design.
-Portfolios with rough sketches to CG models are preferred.
-Must be comfortable working in a variety of styles.
-Modeling experience with Maya and Photoshop required.
-LA based artist
-Proof of authorization to work in the US required

Apply online at


* When applying for any position, you must complete the online application process. This includes uploading your resume and cover letter.
* Please make sure to include your website and/or blog links on your resume and cover letter.
* If you have a demo reel online, please be sure to include a reel breakdown with specific description of your contribution.
* Online portfolio should represent strongest and current work.
* Life drawings are not required, but preferred for all submissions.
* You will receive an automated email acknowledging the successful receipt of your application. We will then contact you if there is an interest in speaking with you further. No phone calls, please.

Important Note: We ask that you not show work currently in production and/or under confidential guidelines at other studios or companies. We understand that this may limit the showcase of your capabilities. If this is your situation, we recommend that your submission display only the work available to the public with an indication that a later submission will be provided once approved or released.

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