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Sony Pictures Animation (SPA) is the creative force behind all of our animated and CG/live action hybrid projects. SPA is the front end of production developing the scripts, creating storyboards, exploring character & production designs and determining the overall look of the films. Once the project is ready to go into production, we partner with our sister company Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI) to help us take the film into animation production from layout to lighting. Our filmmakers work very closely with SPI to support SPA's creative vision. Once animated, SPA oversees the editing, post production and final delivery of our projects.

If you are interested in layout, animation, lighting, composition, FX or other back-end production positions, please visit


Our employees have a diverse and varied educational background and many actively participate on academic advisory boards and visit campuses to speak with students. We do not endorse or recommend one particular school over another. It is recommended that you assess your skills and interests and research the educational programs at a variety of schools to find a good fit for your talents and goals.

If you would like to get more information about the visual effects industry, we highly recommend reading magazines and trade journals. Here is a partial list of available publications:

Animation Magazine
Animation World Magazine
Animation World Network (AWN)
Computer Graphics World
The Hollywood Reporter

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